Breaking Free From the flat-rate managed services model

Traditional MSP Engagements May Be Preventing The Growth & Transformation IT Organizations Need.

The rigid, multi-year commitments which are a cornerstone of the flat-rate Managed Services model are no longer compatible with today's rapidly shifting technology landscape.

Spurred by tighter operating budgets and expanding service options, this white paper examines why more IT leaders are selecting lighter weight, flexible 'as-a-Service' ITaaS support engagements, over the bulky contracts of Managed Service providers -  agreements that often lead to waste and dissatisfaction, and which industry researcher Gartner estimates overcharge customers by 20% on average across the life of the agreement.

After reading this resource you'll understand how traditional Managed Service engagements can hinder the success of your IT organization and may pose additional business liabilities, including:

  • Financial Risk from Contractual Obligation and/or Penalties
  • Non-Adaptiveness to Changing Business Needs 
  • Lack of Transparency and Quantifiable Analytics

Read this white paper to learn about the risks of the old MSP model and to see why an 'as-a-Service' approach for IT support can provide the agility and cost savings today's organizations need.

ITaaS Core Benefits
Traditional resource models generally require you to predict how much resources and skill sets you need over a period of several years. If you underestimate you may not have the horsepower to handle unexpected workloads. If you overestimate you are wasting money with superfluous resources. The adaptive, on-demand nature of the ITaaS model allows support services to expand and contract, staying continually aligned to the actual needs of the business, thereby increasing overall utilization and decreasing cost.
Elasticity is the power to scale resources up and down instantly. The elastic nature of Allari's ITaaS model allows companies to scale up and down easily while only paying for actual resources use. The ITaaS model allows businesses to quickly gain access to IT skill sets. Instantly scale up as the workload grows. Instantly stop resources that are no longer required. When you scale down, you no longer pay for the resource. Whether you need one IT professional or five, Allari provides the resources to meet your needs.
Enterprises are using Allari's ITaas Cloud Services for the following Use Cases: Developing customer facing web applications to power eCommerce, and business facing application to support functions such as HR, Finance and Sales. Providing Administration for Enterprise applications such as Infor, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, Windows server, Sharepoint server and Database servers. Processing Big Data, high performance computing workloads for business intelligence fields. Delivering Disaster Recovery, backup and archive solutions for business critical data.