Spotlight: 'as-a-Service' Model for JDE CNC Support

This Spotlight explores the use of a consumption-based, 'as-a-Service' IT support model (ITaaS) for JD Edwards CNC administration, an approach which can lower cost, increase accountability and enable greater flexibility for its customers. 

ITaaS vs Resource-Based Solutions for JDE CNC Support Comparison

The consumption-based ITaaS approach for JDE CNC support eliminates the downtime inherent with 'resource-based' options and can be 48% more cost effective. The benefits of each approach are compared in this side by side solution breakdown.
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ITaaS 8 Step Process

Customers need greater flexibility and clearer accountability from their IT support spending. The 8-step ITaaS process makes real-time elasticity and transparent cost analysis possible - something traditional MSP engagements simply can't do. 
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ITaaS Solution for JDE CNC Support Case Study

The factors prompting agricultural supplier Wilbur-Ellis to switch to the elastic ITaaS model for JDE CNC support are reviewed in this Case Study. Their decision resulted in a 32% reduction of support spending over their previous flat-rate support engagement.
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Whether used as their primary support solution or as a supplement to existing in-house teams, companies like Channellock, Geneva Watch and Saputo Dairy are leveraging the 'as-a-Service' approach and cutting costs on their JDE CNC support. The ITaaS model means they have access to all the specialized CNC support skills they need, but no longer pay for downtime between recurring activities like Package Builds, Patch Applications or Troubleshooting and project work designed to enhance the capabilities and performance of JDE systems such as enabling Oracle Orchestrator or Application Interface Services (AIS), and the implementation of Oracle HTTP Servers (OHS) or LDAP for E1

With no long-term commitment or minimum-use requirement, getting started with the consumption-based ITaaS model is risk free and can be done alongside your current CNC support solution. The ITaaS for JDE CNC Support page has details including cost, availability and scope, as well as additional resources to help you explore the ITaaS model.  

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