A New Strategy For Accessing Software Developer Skills Is Reducing The Upfront Cost And Complications Of The Resource-Based Model.

Software customization can be costly, especially when development demands don't justify a full time developer resource. Thanks to the Access Economy however, companies are now accomplishing their development objectives without the upfront investment and overhead of the traditional, Resource-Based model.

This 'as-a-Service' approach to development is helping them achieve: 

  • A 45 Percent Reduction in the Cost of Development,
  • Shorter Delivery Timelines due to Parallel Development,
  • Transparency into the Pure Development Cost of a Project Helping Stakeholders Accurately Meet Time & Budget Targets.

As Enterprise buyers increasingly prefer 'as-a-Service' solution engagements, understand how this same cost-reducing pricing framework can be applied to your software development objectives. Read the white paper now!