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Access Management

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Access Management is a controlled process for allowing users to make use of corporate assets while protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of these assets by ensuring that only authorized users are able to access or modify. Allari aligns with your organization’s specific operating procedures and auditing requirements to provide scalable access management services for ERP software products, mail, intranet sites and web applications, all backed by a Service Level Agreement.

Access Management is effectively the execution of both availability and information security management, in that it enables the organization to manage the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the organization’s data and intellectual property. Access Management ensures that users are given the right to use a service.

Detailed Services 

Activities provided by this service include but are not limited to:
• Creation of unique user profiles and account provisioning 
• Assignment of privileges based on eligibility 
• Adding an environment to a role 
• Adding roles to users and users to a role 
• Grant access to services, service groups, data or functions only if they are entitled to that access 
• Remove access when people change roles or jobs

Allari provides JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Management service items:
• Create user profiles
• Work with Roles
• Administrate passwords
• Work with security workbench
• Apply application security
• Apply exit security
• Apply processing option security
• Apply row security
• Apply column security
• Apply solution explorer security
• Apply tab security
• Apply portal security
• Apply menu security
• Apply OMW/OMC Security
• Define users, roles and system IDs

Allari provides BI Publisher Security Management service items:
• Describing BI Publisher’s User Roles and Permissions
• Create roles
• Create users and assign roles to user
• Grant Catalog Permissions
• Grant Data Access

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