Identity & Access Management

Let us execute your Access Management tasks.

Detailed Services 

Activities provided by this service include but are not limited to:
• Creation of unique user profiles and account provisioning 
• Assignment of privileges based on eligibility 
• Adding an environment to a role 
• Adding roles to users and users to a role 
• Grant access to services, service groups, data or functions only if they are entitled to that access 
• Remove access when people change roles or jobs

Allari provides JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Management service items:
• Create user profiles
• Work with Roles
• Administrate passwords
• Work with security workbench
• Apply application security
• Apply exit security
• Apply processing option security
• Apply row security
• Apply column security
• Apply solution explorer security
• Apply tab security
• Apply portal security
• Apply menu security
• Apply OMW/OMC Security
• Define users, roles and system IDs

Allari provides BI Publisher Security Management service items:
• Describing BI Publisher’s User Roles and Permissions
• Create roles
• Create users and assign roles to user
• Grant Catalog Permissions
• Grant Data Access

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