4. Accountability Means Everything

Serious IT Directors understand accountability goes beyond holding your team responsible. It also includes accountability of the true cost of your day to day operations. And understanding these costs isn’t as easy as tallying up the annual salaries within your department or adding up monthly invoices from a partner provider. It requires knowledge of the actual work they’re doing. The tasks they’re performing, the value they’re providing. This awareness gives you greater control over costs, both by allowing better oversight of utilization rates, and clearer vision into processes in need of improvement. But this level of transparency can be difficult to achieve with salaried employees and flat-rate service providers.

This is why many IT organizations are turning to consumption-based service engagements. For everything from data storage and cloud software solutions, to accessing help desk through tier 3 specialized skills, this ‘as-a-Service’ delivery format provides a metered approach offering clear insight into the fractional cost of a specific service, function or task. Working with Allari to convert some portion of your daily IT operational support and maintenance workload into this same costing framework not only allows you to gain transparent accountability over the specific tasks they execute on your behalf, it can also reduce your overall expense. This is done in several ways:

  • Customers only pay for pure output and no time in-between for any task we execute.
  • We bill in 15-minute increments instead of hourly allowing you to save on all sub-1-hour tasks.
  • All tasks are outlined with required frequency and expected time budgets in advance.
  • Our metered approach makes recognizing change signals/areas needing process improvement easier.

'Best Practice' Only Pay For What You Use

Easy to Implement & Cost Effective

  • Identity and Access Management - Consumption Based!
  • Execute Routine Maintenance Tasks for your database and primary software system - Consumption Based!
  • Activate Pre Business daily system checks .- Consumption Based!
  • Apply Microsoft OS updates once a month - Consumption Based!
  • Implement Alert Monitoring - Consumption Based!
  • Activate Job Management - Consumption Based!