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Why should you choose Allari? Or, why should you work for Allari?
As a potential customer of Allari or a future team member, why would you want to have relations with this organization? We get asked this question a lot and our answers are usually different each time depending upon who you speak to and what language they are speaking. Hearing such things as the following is not uncommon: It is a great place to work. You will enjoy the flexible work schedule. You will be surrounded by extremely talented people who can essentially manage any aspect of an IT department. These snippets are not uncommon.

The one thing not communicated is the hard lined principles and values that makes us tick that makes us a powerful service provider. Although we've have been in business for almost 20 years, we have not sold out to the dollar bill. The interests of our customers and our employees have come first. We do not place economics over these two interests. We have been able to maintain this approach since 1998. We are very proud of this accomplishment. As an indirect result, we have grown from a one man shop located in SW Florida to large organization with employees located on 4 continents. We have proudly matured into a very powerful IT Ops service machine.

Upon reflection, we have realized that we have a particular way of providing services which is different than our competition. One which has allowed us to have very long relationships with companies of all revenue levels and industries. It goes without saying that we appreciate the dedication and loyalty of our customer base.

For more information on Guiding Principles please see our IT Care Center page on the topic - Guiding Principles.


What is Downtime?

Downtime is another way of saying a system is not available to the users. It is also referred to as an outage. While downtime can be planned months in advance, it is typically not and is often a surprise.


5 Reasons Multitasking is Bad for IT Productivity

When it comes to IT operations, multitasking seems to be a prerequisite. Quite often it's even written into the job posting. However, research is revealing that multitasking may do more damage than good.

It's the Process, Stupid!

The greatest invention in the last 200 years isn't a product, but rather the scientific method, the process which has been used to create millions of products. Today, when change is exponential, a focus on process over products is even more important.



About Us
Allari is a leading global professional ITaaS company primary focused on the IT Operations of Enterprise level IT Departments. 

Our leaders have led Allari to continuous growth since the start of the company in 1999 and they continuously embody our corporate culture and company values. 

North America
Allari, Inc. (HQ)
9128 Strada Pl
Suite# 10115
Naples, FL 34108
Tel:  (866) 937-2224

South America
South America Allari del Ecuador S.A
Calle Acacias y Calle 7
Quevedo Los Rios 120302
Tel: 593-991-60383

Asia Pacific
Allari, Inc.
Dowlath Towers
Taylors Road
Kilpauk, Chennai 600010

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Top 3 Ways To Prevent Downtime

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Implement Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Take care of your IT assets and they will take care of you. Implement a consistent, high quality preventative maintenance schedule. Let Allari do the chore based tasks while you focus on the important stuff!