Breaking Free From The Flat-Rate Managed Services Model
Fed Up By the Lock-In and Lack of Transparency Occurring From Traditional IT Support Providers, More Organizations Are Shifting to Flexible IT-as-a-Service Solutions and Breaking Free From the Flat-Rate Managed Services Model.
This White Paper Explains the Different Impact Each Support Model Can Have On Today's Digitally Evolving Business, and Which Factors You Must Consider Before Selecting Your Next IT Support Provider, Including:
Considerations Flat-Rate Model ITaaS Model
Support Spending:  Always On As Needed 
Support Scaleability:  Rigid  Elastc 
Service Pricing:  Arbitrary  Actual 
 Service Accountability:  Generalized  Granular 
 Service Adaptability:  Period-Based  Real-Time

Understand Why More IT Leaders Are Breaking Free From the Flat-Rate Managed Services Model and How the Shift to an ITaaS Support Solution Can Provide the Agility and Cost Savings Your Company Needs. Read This White Paper Now.