While humans may be the most adaptable species on the planet, when they are taken out of the man vs nature conflict and chained to a desk for 40 hours a week, they begin to rigidify. Collectively, under the umbrella of an organization, they don't possess the same ingrain ability to respond to change as their timeline of human evolution has demonstrated. This is the challenge a change management process addresses.

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The most successful organizations have the tremendous ability to incorporate change at a fast pace - a high throughput. They do so by leveraging a strict management-sanctioned process. It is important to understand that if the change management process is weak or not present, a culture of chaos will spawn. Constantly reacting to chaos does not allow one to execute carefully planned initiatives. Without the ability to do so, these organizations fail to meet their objectives. While one individual may be able to plan for change in a chaotic environment, this individual will not be effective if his or her efforts are not rooted in a strict change management process. Collectively, the IT organization will lose credibility. At this point, it is only the outsider who is welcomed to bring change. 


Gaining the consistent adoption of high volumes of change into an organization requires tremendous effort. Organizations are only as good as their change management model. In some ways the process which allows the successful adoption of change can be viewed as the spinal chord of the organization. The change management process controls the adoption of change for the purpose of survival and financial gain. There are many change management models. Keep in mind that it is not just a matter of defining a process with the proper steps for moving changes to production. It must also overcome the emotional element of human resistance. Choosing the right model largely depends upon your organization's culture. Once understood, it is critical that it becomes ingrained in the DNA of the employees.

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