1. Consistency Is Key

Beat Procrastination.

  • When it comes to setting up recurring maintenance tasks an IT Director can't be a procrastinator. The scheduling of these tasks can't be pushed off. Although they are looked down upon as "Chore Based Tasks" and not as important as the company defined initiatives, they still need to be executed on a consistent basis. If they are not and something goes wrong and it will, you will see just how quickly how your leadership abilities will come into question. The bottom line is that without these tasks being executed on a consistent basis, the business is exposed to a smorgasbord of risks including expensive outages.

Inconvenience is not a valid justification.

  • Maintenance tasks are largely ignored because they usually need to be executed outside of business hours. Serious IT Directors know that they can't afford to be skipped because there is nobody available to do them. The consequences are grave. Some IT Directors will skip them entirely. Others will tax the team to get the work done outside of business until they can find an alternative solution. Keeping it as so will put additional stress on the group and can cause turnover. This is why serious IT Directors use Allari to execute their IT maintenance schedules. Allari removes the off hour burden from their team. 

Consistency allows for measurement, creates accountability, establishes your reputation as a leader and also maintains your message.

  • By implementing an annual maintenance schedule, the serious IT Director is telling the team that the success of the IT environment is very important. It will be measured and people will be held accountable. It will raise the bar within the group and establish this person as the leader.

'Best Practice'

Allari allows you to consistently execute maintenance tasks for a multitude of databases and software products. We know how many tasks are needed throughout the year. We know when they are needed and we know the annual costs of executing them so you can set your budget. We can have a custom tailored maintenance plan in place within 1 business week.  

We recommend you start with the maintenance track and as you get more familiar with Allari you can then consider activating the following solutions:

  1. Microsoft OS Patching – Monthly 
  2. Alert Monitoring with Escalation - 24/7 
  3. Job Management – On Demand 
  4. Identify and Access Management – On Demand 

Please keep in mind that no long term contract or financial commitment is required. We provide a consumption based service service platform which means you only pay for output. In addition, we create & maintain an SOP library for every task we are responsible for executing. 

We are ITIL certified and provide Incident escalation. If something goes wrong ,we can escalate it to your team or we can have one of our advanced engineers step in and fix the problem for you. 

As a courtesy to you, we categorize the maintenance tickets so you can see the work performed each month. This provides transparency and allows you to measure output. It also allows you to see how it hit your budget.