Geneva Watch Cuts Cost & Improves Delivery with 'as-a-Service' Software Development

Geneva Watch Group (GWG) required ongoing development work after upgrading their JD Edwards ERP software, however demands didn't justify a full-time hire and Contractors weren't always available when needed.
Due to these factors GWG decided to use Allari's IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solution to access JDE Developer skills On-Demand— a strategy which has resulted in:
  • A 64% Savings Over Using a Full-Time Hire or Contractor 
  • No Upfront Expense or Charges Beyond Cost of Development
  • On-Demand Availability Enabling More Consistent Results & Quicker Turnaround on Development Requests

Read their Case Study to learn more about these benefits and the factors driving more Enterprise companies to select Consumption-based ITaaS engagements for their ongoing JDE Development needs.