On Demand Tasks

Let Allari do the grunt work while you focus on the important stuff!

There is no cost to align with our team.

We simply need VPN access and a detailed understanding of what you need us to do. There are 3 basic questions:

What?  We can execute anything defined in a SOP. Here is a sample of some of the tasks we manage for our customers:

1. Identity & Access Management. We can fulfill the requests for providing or removing access to users. Learn More
2. Printer Management. We can add, remove or delete printers. We can also give printer access to users per your approval process.
3. Job Schedule Management. If a job fails, we can resubmit it. Or, we can escalate it to your help desk or a specific person.
4. Alert Monitoring. We get the emails that something is wrong.
5. Backup checks (Daily, weekly, monthly). If the backup fails, we notify your team. In addition, if you would like, we can have our subject matter experts to fix it.
6. SQL statement execution. Complex enterprise environments do not want to give their users SQL command access so they have us execute them instead.
7. Preventative daily checks of critical apps
8. Code Deployment tasks. We deploy new changes at all times of the day, night and weekend.
9. All tasks associated with maintenance of applications and databases. We even have preventative maintenance templates which can be up and running within a week's time.
10. Microsoft update management

When? Some tasks are executed on demand. Others are scheduled with our software to be created a recurring basis over the course of the year. This takes away the reliance on a person's memory or the lack of fulfillment when someone is unavailable.

How? SOPs are important. Using them reduces unplanned downtime and reactionary type work. Everything we do is driven off of a SOP. If you don't have one for the task you need done, we will create it. If anything changes along the way, we will update the SOP. We store all SOPs on your system except for emergency escalation & the escalation procedure should our VPN connection get broken.

'Best Practice' Maintenance Templates

Leverage our growing library of 'Best Practice' Maintenance Templates & our Scheduling Software to activate the tasks necessary to keep your Enterprise systems healthy. Get the right task done at the right time at the right price! 

Easy to Implement & Cost Effective

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