A self-service portal enables the user to request services and resolve issues without the help of a customer service agent. Businesses recognize the significance of effective self-service portals for advancing the organizational overall brand quality. The self-service portal offers a great strategy for all business customer teams since it enables the client to help themselves. The portal is content driven in that it allows users to get answers for themselves. It acts as a repository by showing previous questions & answers and tips & tricks. Through this platform, customers can search for knowledge base articles, visit the self-service forum and utilize the provided tools to contact support and follow up on previous requests.

A Self Service Portal also allows your IT department to showcase their services. The users can easily pick and choose the services they need via the service catalog. The end user can stay up to date on the tickets through automated notifications. They can also use the portal to communicate directly to the technicians.

Self-service feature enables users to handle low impact activities themselves, without the help of another human. Common activities include:

  • Username lookup
  • Password reset
  • Updates to account information
  • Bill payments
  • Check order status
  • Software setup/installation
  • Product troubleshooting

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Seeking IT support ideally requires the user's needs to be solved in an appropriate manner. This means that the user needs some help or specific information where in many cases the functions and the data they need can be available to them effectively through the use of a self-service portal. Provision of information and capabilities through the self-service portal by the IT department offers an efficient means of scaling IT support operations across many users without the staff overhead of in-person support.

Every business that aims at building a great relationship with its users and offer staff with the IT services for supporting growth and productivity, is therefore in need of a self-service portal. In addition, an organization may require self-service portal if; its customer base is larger than its team can support, the organization is looking for ways of reducing cost by working more efficiently, and many requests have become repetitive and can be automated e.g. password resets.


While corporate might see self-service as the mix of technologies, the users will see it as the set of capabilities in which they can access help, information, and services. Self-service for customers and employees could include the following capabilities:

Status Checking:  It includes the capability for end users to self-check the condition of incident and service request thus saving the time for both the user and the service desk personnel.

Chat:  This includes accessing the service desk agent as quickly as possible since human-to-human interactions might be required under some circumstances to help understand the matter deeply. The chats are supposed to be lively and the user should not wait for long before feedback is offered.

Password Reset Capability:  Many organizations currently offer this capability which enables the end user to reset the forgotten password or recover the blocked accounts.

Automated Delivery:  Efficiency and cost benefits lie in the use of automation for service fulfillment and incident resolution Broadcast alerts and individual notifications- This can be end users notification when their ticket status changes or a global self-service portal notification on the unavailability of a certain business application.

Design Criteria

Accessibility:  The services should be accessible by the consumers and the content is written in an easy to understand and non-technical language to avoid misinterpretation.

Volume and Speed:  The portal should contain a sufficient number of articles and services for customers in a timely manner. The knowledge base should hold relevant content to support the positive customer experience.

Easy Navigation:  The navigation on the self-service portal should be simple and provide a positive experience. Marketing and motivation-The self-service require an inspiring marketing plan in order to get people consistently use the portal.

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