AIS Installation

Is it time for your organization to leverage mobile devices?

If you are using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, then you will need Application Interface Services (AIS).

Why? In a nutshell, AIS provides the necessary technology for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software to communicate with mobile applications. EnterpriseOne and mobile devices are leveraging a type of Java called JSON which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. These scripts written in Java are being executed over a communication protocol called REST which stands for Representational State Transfer.

What platforms can AIS run on?

  • Linux
  • Oracle Solaris / WebLogic Server
  • Microsoft Windows
  • HP-UX
  • IBM, IBM AIX / WebSphere Application Server

What mobile clients can leverage AIS?

  • Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
  • EnterpriseOne ADF
  • Java API
  • IoT devices

In terms of functions, AIS has helped increased productivity in many different sectors, as it has in the maritime industry for example. Ships and the mechanical devices aboard them can now function remotely. As a result, it is easier to monitored activities and cut downtime. Through Wi-Fi connections, mobile networks and physical plugin connections, alerts can be received on a central operating unit. This can span from maintenance to assessment evaluations which can lead to cost cutting and income increases.

The best thing about AIS is that it is quite affordable.

Packages are offered to enterprises after a needs assessment. There are no hidden costs, so clients get exactly what is advertised. The single integrated solution package comes with free updates which makes it a bargain.

To learn more about AIS, please visit our What is AIS? blog.

Schedule     Ad Hoc
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Estimated Time     12–15 Hours
We’ve implemented this many multi million dollar companies. Including planning, meeting, software download, installation & configuration & training sessions, it takes us about 12-15 hours to do three pathcodes (PD, PY, DV) of your ERP installation.

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