SQL 2016 Upgrade

With the release of MS SQL 2016, one might seriously consider challenging the status quo.

An increase of $254 (3.6%) per core compared to SQL 2012 will be considered chump change compared to the risk you can mitigate on this version.

Heck, you may even ask management to take it out of your paycheck. There are at least 5 Reasons to Execute a SQL 2016 Upgrade.

If you champion this project, you get much more than a box of chocolates. For starters, SQL 2016 is now 100% 64-bit. There is no longer a dependency on .NET Framework 3.5. Also, SQL Enterprise Edition is no longer needed if you want to use Availability Groups. Microsoft’s goal is to get rid of database mirroring for good, thereby saying adios to the unreadable single secondary.

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