Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Installation

Improve system performance by spreading out your load

Have hundreds of users and multiple JAS instances?

As you know each JAS instance only supports up to 50 users. And as your user count climbs, the java instance uses more memory. Sometimes we see new customers having specific users signing on to specific urls vs having them balanced across all of the instances. Oracle’s HTTP Server (OHS) allows you to spread the users around the various JAS instances so that performance is balanced. The user however only knows their one user access and is blind to what is going on behind the scenes

In addition, if you need to maintain a server, you can easily pull that server out of the cluster and the users will not notice. Once you are done repairing it, you can add it back in without requiring users to sign out because they have one point of access.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to make changes to each instance. You can just change it on the cluster level and it is replicated to all of the instances.

Schedule    Ad Hoc
The schedule of this task greatly depends upon your timetable. Contact us to get this project on our production schedule.

Estimated Time    16-20 Hours
Including planning, meeting, software download, installation & configuration & training sessions, it takes us about 16-20 hours to install the necessary components. This estimate includes the installation and configuration of OHS, WebLogic and Java Runtime Files (JRF). It is important to note that WebSphere is no longer supported. This estimate also includes the time we spend testing.

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