Easily connect EnterpriseOne to the Internet of Things

Oracle has the tool to make creating orchestrations a breeze.

It’s called Orchestrator Studio. It is easy to use. You simply drag and drop, enter the application name and feed the data straight into E1 via your Application Interface Services (AIS) server. That is right, when the AIS Server (a REST services server) is configured with the E1 HTML Server, access to the E1 forms and data becomes possible. Essentially, AIS is the foundation of the Orchestrator studio. View AIS Installation Project Time & Cost Details

There are many ways to use Orchestrator. One use case could be to have an orchestration triggered based on a scheduled event. Let’s take dynamic pricing as an example. The price of gold is constantly in flux. The business requires this data to be updated each day into an E1 field. Since Orchestrator allows you to execute a 2 way call (outbound and inbound), the outbound call (aka “rest call”) can retrieve the gold price from the market for a given date. Once you have this you can make an inbound call from the Orchestrator which can update the current price of the retrieved gold inside E1. Orchestrator can do this itself without any requirement of man. Why? Because you can schedule this orchestration to fire at 9 a.m. each morning. Another use case for an orchestration may be when a user enters data into a mobile device application, an orchestration is triggered to retrieve data from E1. The possibilities are endless.

Not a lot of people know about this stealthy technology and even less know how to set it up.

It is important to note that Orchestrator Studio is available starting with tools release If you don’t have it, you need to upgrade in order to leverage it. The orchestrations run thru the AIS server which is available on E1 applications release 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 and do require applicable 9.2 ESUs.

Schedule    Ad Hoc
The schedule of this task greatly depends upon your timetable. Contact us to get this project on our production schedule.

Estimated Time    40-50 Hours
Including planning, meeting, software download, installation & configuration & training sessions, it takes us about 40-50 hours to install the necessary components. The assumption is that AIS is already up and running. If you need assistance with the installation of AIS, you can view AIS Installation Project Time & Cost Details. We also spend time testing the after we deploying Orchestrator. Please note that the total time depends upon which version of E1, the database and the current Tools Release you are currently utilizing.

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