Software Development

From planning and development through implementation and maintenance, we partner with your business on wide range of software development needs.

Customizing Software is Expensive, Especially When Demands Don't Justify a Full-Time Hire.

Allari provides enhancements for existing applications, web application development and support for Microsoft .NET on IIS and Java applications on Apache/JBoss and Oracle Internet Application Server. We also provide website development including graphic design and content layout for existing and new websites. We use a rapid application development life cycle process to design, develop and/or program application solutions, web applications, websites, reports, database structures, user interfaces and mapping services.

3 Major Benefits

Access Not Ownership

Allari’s ITaaSx365 model give you access to the IT support talent you need without the cost of hiring or long-term commitments to multi-year contracts.

Parallel Development

When total demand is low and only a few resources are financially justified, development must commonly be approached in a serial fashion. The team approach of an ITaaS model is able to provide both of these needs in parallel without slowing down work or impacting overall costs.


There may be an inclination to think there is a lessening of the importance or role of the developer in an ‘as-a-Service’ model. This is not the case. The need to have a high level of programming skills, as well as effective communication, collaboration and self-management skills are as important in an IT as a Service as a resource-based model.

This Process Includes:

  • Analysis, planning, testing, and implementation of third party software packages, and subsequent modules identified for implementation to support administrative applications
  • Completion of requested modifications to administrative applications as a result of business mandates
  • Consultation with process owners on project requests
  • Analysis, planning, testing, and configuration changes for ERP applications
  • Custom development or enhancements to legacy systems, maintenance, problem resolution and support

Application Development Service Options

  • Application source code reviews
  • Application security vulnerability assessments
  • Application architecture and design
  • Integration with new or existing web services such as the File Transfer Service or PDF generation server API
  • FileNet integration with existing applications
  • Database schema analysis and design
  • Database design reviews
  • Application performance evaluation and improvement

When you are aligned with the right team, anything is possible.

  1. Allari will work with you in order to understand your information technology needs
  2. Identify cost-effective solutions that meet your needs, which may include:
    1. Commercial software installed on-site
    2. Cloud-based solutions
    3. Custom in-house developed software
  3. Install or develop your information system
  4. Provide support of your system

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