Cross Reference Generation

In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne you can view relationships between objects and their components

Cross Reference Generation is an invaluble feature to developers

CRG allows you to do the following:

  • Cross-reference all applications in which a specific field is used.
  • Display all fields within a business view.
  • Identify each instance in which a business function is used.
  • View a list of forms within an application.

Keep in mind that the Cross Reference data is not automatically updated when you add or modify objects. You must rebuild the relationships to include new information.

Schedule    Weekend (Preferably not Month End)
The schedule of this task greatly depends upon your development activity. We typically recommend running this job twice a year and only for the development environment.

Estimated Time    2-4 Hours
If you have not run this job before, it will take 1-2 days to complete. However, once it has been run, you can then set the parameters to run it for the last 90 days, for example. So, the next time you run it, it won’t take as long.

Estimated Cost    $154-$308
Only charged for the time to launch the job and the time to check on it.

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