SQL Server Database Support Plan


Our support plan provides the recurring tasks required to keep your SQL database operating at peak performance. Our plan gives you transparency into the tasks required along with the a detailed understanding of the pure cost of doing so.

We execute daily tasks to detect system outages, errors and more before the start of operations each day and give your IT team the head start needed to avoid any negative impact to the business.

On a weekly basis we execute integrity & optimization type tasks to validate the consistency of data within your SQL database. Optimizing as needed is a cornerstone of best-practice maintenance.

A recurring monthly check of your SQL database system ensures this business-critical IT asset remains secure and operating at peak performance levels.

Routine maintenance of your business-critical IT assets is crucial to keep systems running smoothly. We provide a cost-effective way to ensure these tasks are consistently executed as required.

Allari will act as the first line of defense for your SQL database. Our additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees a defined, time-based response for any incident, outage or request on a 24/7 basis.

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What is Downtime?

Downtime is another way of saying a system is not available to the users. It is also referred to as an outage. While downtime can be planned months in advance, it is typically not and is often a surprise.


5 Reasons Multitasking is Bad for IT Productivity

When it comes to IT operations, multitasking seems to be a prerequisite. Quite often it's even written into the job posting. However, research is revealing that multitasking may do more damage than good.

It's the Process, Stupid!

The greatest invention in the last 200 years isn't a product, but rather the scientific method, the process which has been used to create millions of products. Today, when change is exponential, a focus on process over products is even more important.



Downtime is a term used to describe when a service is unavailable to its intended recipients. While downtime can be planned months in advance, it is typically not and is often a surprise.

Most downtime events are unplanned and caused by a failure or are triggered on short notice and occur as a result of an attempt to fix a service that is not performing at its optimal level.

Signs & Symptoms
Downtime is the number one cause of financial harm yet most IT leaders don't understand the signs and symptoms of an environment that experiences too much unplanned downtime.

Sure it's easy to surmise that the systems are offline more than they should be especially when management is enraged but there are legitimate signs and symptoms which will allow you to reduce the frequency and impact of unplanned outages.

  • Unauthorized Changes
  • High amounts of Unplanned Work
  • Low Throughput of Effective Change
  • Server to Administrator Rations < 100:1
  • Lack of Indicator Measurements
  • SLA Commitment Breaches
Related Conditions

Low Throughput of Effective Change

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Top 3 Ways To Prevent Downtime

1. Implement Preventive Maintenance Schedules

2. Execute Pre Business System Checks

3. Implement Measurements & Indicators

Implement Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Take care of your IT assets and they will take care of you. Implement a consistent, high quality preventive maintenance schedule. Let Allari do the chore based tasks while you focus on the important stuff!