The Case for Software Development 'as-a-Service'
A New Strategy for Accessing JD Edwards Developer Skills is Reducing the Upfront Cost & Complications of the Resource-Based Model. 

JD Edwards custom development is expensive, especially when demands don't justify hiring a full-time Developer. But the Access Economy now makes it possible for organizations to connect with the JDE Developer talent they need without the upfront investment and ongoing overhead of the traditional Resource-Based model— lowering the cost of development 45% on average.

This whitepaper makes the case for accessing Software Development 'as-a-Service' and explains the benefits of the strategy, including:

  • Zero Upfront Expense or Charges Beyond Cost of Development
  • Greater Transparency for Project Planning & Budgeting
  • Shorter Delivery Timelines Due to "Parallel Development"

Enterprise organizations are increasingly using 'as-a-Service' solutions to lower cost and increase flexibility. Learn how you can extend these same benefits to your JD Edwards Development projects as well.